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Types of worksheets

Description of worksheets found on this page


Reaction worksheets
(12 worksheets)

Balancing equations, word equations, stoichiometry, reaction product prediction, types of chemical reaction, percent yields.


Ionic & Covalent worksheets
(12 worksheets)

Naming chemical compounds, properties of ionic and covalent compounds, hydrates, Lewis structures.


Unit conversions and mole
calculations (8 worksheets)

Unit conversions, mole calculations, molar masses, metric prefixes, scientific notation.


Acids, bases, and solutions
(12 worksheets)

Acids, bases, polarity, solutions, molarity and concentration, intermolecular forces, chromatography, pH, dilutinons, electrolytes, colloids.


Chemical properties & atomic structure (5 worksheets)

Atomic structure, chemical and physical changes, Dalton's Law, subatomic particles, metals, nonmetals, and metalloids.


Gas laws & thermodynamics
(15 worksheets)

Gas laws, gas stoichiometry, heat of fusion calculations, thermodynamic vocabulary, calorimetry, Le Ch?tlier's principle, kinetics.


Miscellaneous worksheets
(16 worksheets)

Equipment, % comp, trends, sig figs, phase diagrams, ave. atomic mass, density, nuclear chem, redox, rubrics, electron configs and more!


Worksheets for Middle School Teachers (17 worksheets)

Balancing equations, bonding in ionic and covalent compounds, naming compounds, acceleration and velocity, graphing, several labs and review sheets.



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