Worksheets for Middle School Teachers

Though most of my teaching experience is at the high school level, I recently spent some time in a middle school classroom teaching a physical science class.  Though this is my no means a complete middle school physical science curriculum, maybe this will at least give you middle school teachers an age-appropriate starting point for building a curriculum.*

These worksheets are in Microsoft Word format. 
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Counting Atoms Sheet

Practice worksheet where students name ionic compounds and count the atoms of each element present.


Acceleration Notes

These are the notes I used when teaching acceleration to my students.  Not a worksheet.


Another Balancing Equations Worksheet

Practice with, you guessed it, balancing equations.


Balancing Equations Worksheet

More balancing equations.


Elements and Bonding Worksheet

Practice with the groups of the periodic table, valence electrons, and a brief introduction to how bonds are formed.


Ionic, Covalent, Metallic Lab

A lab where students guess whether a compound is a metal, an ionic compound, or a covalent compound.  Includes teacher tips.


More Mixed Naming Fun

Practice naming ionic and covalent compounds.


Naming and Equations Review

Review with naming chemical compounds and balancing equations.


Naming Chemical Compounds Worksheet

Yet more practice with naming chemical compounds.


Naming Mixed Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Still more naming ionic and covalent compounds.


Physical Science Quiz

Ionic and covalent properties, bonding, and naming.  Also includes equation balancing.


Position and Velocity vs. Time Graphs

Practice making position vs. time and velocity vs. time graphs.


Review - Bonding, Oxidation States, Naming, and Balancing Equations

Pretty much what it sounds like.


Salt Lab

A lab where the students explore the exothermic or endothermic solvation of various ionic compounds in water.


Acceleration Practice Problems

Questions involving acceleration, velocity, and the distance traveled during each.


Unit Conversions Homework

Unit conversions problems.


Unit Conversions Practice

More unit conversions problems.


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*All worksheets � 2004 Ian Guch and Cavalcade Publishing, All Rights Reserved.  As with all worksheets on this site, no resources may be used without written permission of the author, with the exception of use by teachers for their own classes.  The author and Cavalcade Publishing make no guarantee as to the accuracy, safety, or educational quality of these worksheets and assume no responsibility for any consequences resulting from their use.  By using these worksheets and activities, you agree to assume all liability and responsibility for their use.  Though that gets me off the hook for anything that goes wrong, please make sure to always use common sense when teaching, particularly when it comes to safety issues stemming from doing labs.  Of course, most important is the need for students to wear goggles at all times - if you don't have this as your standard policy, you're a bonehead.