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Dilutions lab

A serial dilutions lab, probably best for honors level students. (Added 2007)


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Hydrate lab

Find the empirical formula of Epsom salts. Probably best for honors students. (Added 2007)


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Gum lab

Find the percent composition of the sweeteners in gum. (Added 2007)


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Alloy computer project

Have your students study the properties of several common alloys. (Added 2007)


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Ionic compound lab

Do an ionic compound lab with any five substances you’ve got lying around the stockroom. (Added 2007)


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Product formation lab

Use double displacement reactions to make chemical compounds (Added 2007)


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Lab Notebook Guide 

A sheet for your students that explains the proper way to set up their lab book.  A must for new teachers!

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Indicator Lab

Have your students test to see if various fruits and vegetables can be used as acid-base indicators!

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Balloon Lab 

An exploding demo lab that'll get your kids' attentions!

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Snow Globe Lab

Your kids will use their knowledge of solubility rules to make their own snow globes in this inquiry-style lab.

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Moles of Chalk Lab

A lab where your students determine how many moles of chalk are required to write their names on the board.

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Paper Plane Lab

A scientific method lab involving paper planes. Take it from me, the kids love it!



Oil Spill Lab

An investigation into the environmental chemistry of oil spill cleanup


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Onion DNA Lab

Extract DNA from an onion using everyday household materials


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Stoichiometry Lab

Find theoretical and actual yield of gas produced when sodium carbonate hits acetic acid


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Gold Penny Lab

Plate copper pennies with zinc to make them turn "gold".  A good introduction to alloys.


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Pennies lab

Investigate density using ten years of pennies


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Medieval Messes

An introduction to titrations, using a (pseudo) real-life situation


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Chemical/Physical change lab

Is it a chemical or physical change?  Six hands on activities to test your students knowledge of which is which.


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Limiting reagent lab

A limiting reagent lab with a discovery lab twist!


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