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Welcome to the helpdesk!  Here you'll find everything that you could possibly want to make you a chemistry superstar!  If you have any problems or questions that have anything to do with chemistry, then the resources here can answer your questions.  Simply click on the link below that seems most appropriate to your needs.

Important note: The Cavalcade o' Chemistry is in the process of a massive upgrade, so if you click on something and see a very different format of site, don't panic - that's the new version, and it's

Practice Worksheets
If you need practice solving problems, you've come to the right place! 

"Mr. Guch Explains"
Need a pro to explain something to you?  Find out about that pesky topic here!

Questions People Have Emailed Me
Some of the questions people have emailed me in the past answered.  Maybe you've got the same question.

Chemistry Vocabulary
Are you having problems figuring out what the heck all those big words mean?  I'll give you the plain English answers.

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Chemistry: The Awesomest Science
A textbook project in progress, from the mind of Mr. Guch.


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