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The following are topics I've found students frequently have a lot of problems with.  If these tutorials don't help and you live in the Washington, DC area, find out how to get personal tutoring by Mr. Guch by clicking here.
Why We Study Chemistry
The reason it's important to take chemistry, even if you don't want to.
The Scientific Method
Use the steps of the scientific method  to solve any problem!
Subatomic Particles
All about protons, neutrons, electrons, and valence electrons.
The Periodic Table
Everything you ever wanted to know about the periodic table!
Mole Calculations!
Learn to convert between grams, moles, and molecules !
Ionic Compounds
The properties and naming of ionic compounds. 
Covalent Compounds
The properties and naming of covalent compounds.
Drawing Lewis Structures
A simple six-step method for drawing perfect Lewis structures! 
All About Polarity
All about hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole forces, Van der Waals forces, and polarity!
All About VSEPR
Find out what it is, how it works, and how to find bond angles, molecular shapes, and hybridizations.
Unit Conversions
Become a pro at unit conversions!  Your feet will be converted to meters in no time!
Finding Molar Masses
I'll show you an easy way to find the  molar masses of chemical compounds!
Balancing Equations
Handy tricks become a balancing pro!
Writing Word Equations
Instructions about how to translate plain English equations into well-crafted chemical equations.
Types of Reaction
Learn what the six types of reaction are and how to tell them apart.
Solutions and Molarity
Learn what a solution is, how to find molarity, and other handy facts you're probably curious about.
Acids and Bases
The properties and calculations involved with acids and bases!
Energy Diagrams
Learn how to draw and interpret energy diagrams!
Drawing Good Graphs
I'll take you through the steps of how to write a good graph. 
Spectroscopy, etc.
Spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, and X-ray diffraction.
Gas Laws Help
How to tell them apart and use them to solve problems!
Metric System and 
Scientific Notation
Learn both of these at once!
Nuclear Decay
Learn about the different types of nuclear decay!  Yeeha!
Stoichiometry Explained
Finally figure out what stoichiometry is all about!

Questions I've Answered
Random questions people have emailed me (and their answers) .

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