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Top Ten Reasons to Take Chemistry

10)  It's fun to say "Erlenmeyer"
9)  If your parents ground you, dissolve their car!
8)  Mr. Guch's Chili Recipe!
7)  Colleges like it more than "Basketweaving 101"
6)  It makes you look smart, like what's his name, that physics dude in the wheelchair
5)  Find out what's in your school lunch!
4)  You don't have to mess with dead things like in Biology.
3)  Goggles, Goggles, Goggles!
2)  You don't have to get all sweaty like you do in P.E.
1)  Many major corporations are now asking applicants to balance equations


Having problems with your homework?  Learn chemistry with free Mr. Guch-written tutorials and practice problems, from my online textbook, or through other great internet resources. An added bonus: Mr. Guch’s odd and unusual sense of humor.

For Teachers

Free labs, worksheets, and other activities for teachers! If you’re teaching chemistry and wondering where you can get resources to jam into your students’ heads, look no further!

Punk Interviews

We’ve interviewed several different punk rock musicians about their own experiences taking high school chemistry. Find out about their chemical experiences!



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