Free Chemistry Resources

Where you can always find free chemistry labs, worksheets, activities, and resource books

Why this site exists:

As a chemistry teacher, I know that teaching is a tough job. It requires education, training, planning, and showmanship. Though I can’t help with everything, I feel that it’s my obligation as a teacher to help other teachers by providing them with free access to the resources I’ve come up with over the years.

This site is for you, the high school chemistry teacher. Whether you’re a new teacher or have “been there and done that”, I hope that these resources can make your job just a little bit easier.

Free Chemistry Teacher Resources

Completely free labs, worksheets, and other activities for chemistry and other science teachers! No login or registration will ever be required.

And if you’d like more free stuff that isn’t on the website (Mr. Guch’s personal lecture notes, more labs, an updated quiz book, and more worksheets) click here to find out how to get them for free!

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